Pyrineum is located at the foot of the Pyrenees, in a spectacularly beautiful natural setting with cultural attractions, in a bordering land between France and Spain.

Specifically, we are located in Lumbier (insert map), next to the gorge that shares its name, at the gateway of the valleys of Roncal and Salazar, bordered with Aragon. Pilots that land on our facilities are very close to the first glacial valley of the Pyrenees, Belagua, or the vast karst massif of the Natural Reserve of Larra.  From the air we are also just moments away from the Javier Castle, the millennial Leyre Monastery, the Yesa Reservoir and the Mallos de Riglos.

The Navarran Pyrenees take up the western third of this mountain range, which gently descends from east to west until it reaches the sea. They are accessible mountains, ideal for exploring the impressive forests and admiring gorges such as that of Lumbier, with 150-metre walls, or the nearby gorge of Arbaiun, almost 6 km long and with a slope of up to 300 metres. It is a natural territory par excellence that has been able to preserve its traditions and culture.

Operate for a day

If you want to fly around the area and land on our 570-metre runway before returning to your base, Pyrineum offers you the chance to enjoy our social headquarters (picnic area, bar, catering service) and to relax with the privileged views between Mount Izaga and Arangoiti. Use of the airfield costs €10 per aircraft

Pyrineum, operations base


If you want to spend your holidays doing what you like best, we offer you a unique spot for getting to know the Pyrenees. Fly out to the Cantabrian sea following the mountain range, fly past the high snowy peaks of over 3,000 metres, soar over castles and forests, a thousand options for getting to know a privileged corner of western Europe.

At Pyrineum we offer a garage service for your aircraft, a workshop service for the aircraft, and tourist information to help you find accommodation, restaurants, and where to visit when you are not flying, as well as the use of our social headquarters (picnic area, bar, catering service) and flight interpretation centre. The use of the runway and garage rent costs €20 a day per aircraft.


Aerial Information

Download the approach chart of the location of our airfield to perform take-off and landing manoeuvres safely. Download Approach Chart 

Tourist Information


The Navarran Pyrenees is a source of extraordinary landscapes, culture and gastronomic surprises. Find out what to do, where to stay and where to eat on the official Government of Navarre Tourism website. In any case, at Pyrineum we provide complete tourist information so you can organise your visit to our region.