The theory teaching combines on-site sessions with an instructor at the Pyrineum facilities with access to a virtual school, with 24-hour access, which we use to provide you with all the materials, videos and a forum in which a tutor will respond to any doubts you may have. You will learn all the general notions regarding climatology, the basic radio network, mechanics and the principles of flying. The theory exam can be taken freely whenever you feel prepared, as there are three examination periods each year; in March, June and November.

At our facilities in Lumbier you can take flying lessons, which, in accordance with current regulations, should consist of at least 15 hours of instruction before taking the practical exam, though the national average for successfully passing is around 25 hours.  You will also have access to a flight simulator (more information here), which will allow you to enjoy the very latest learning technologies.

Our instructors will teach you to become familiar with flight procedures, navigating and dealing with possible emergencies. The course duration depends on the dedication of the student. However, a passionate student that undertakes the training regularly can achieve it in less than 6 months. Flight schedules are arranged between the teacher and the student, from Tuesday to Sunday, from sunrise to sunset.

Once the official theory examination has been passed, and the minimum teaching hours covered, the School will offer you the chance to take the test with the flight examiner in the Pyrineum facilities.

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