Pyrineum is not just a flight centre, but is also a place where we want to share our passion for flying. This is why we have driven the creation of a flight interpretation centre, where families can enjoy our facilities and become familiarised with the addiction of seeing the earth from above.

The opening of the center is scheduled for late May.


At Pyrineum we will welcome you with an audiovisual projection, in which you will take off in a light aircraft and recognise the wonderful natural setting around the airfield: the Pyrenees and the western Pre-Pyrenees with its gorges, forests, castles and mountains that tower 2,000 metres tall. Furthermore, accompanied by a centre guide you will see the more than 20 aircraft that we have on the airfield: their function, design, flight capacity, anecdotes and anything that you want to ask. On Saturdays and Sundays we offer a small drone display at midday, which will delight our youngest visitors (possibility of organising a time for groups of over 10 people).

Finally, the bravest can enjoy the experience of flying in a cutting-edge simulator. You will feel the take-off, be suspended in the air and land, all without even leaving the ground. Your fellow visitors can see what is going on inside the cabin and watch your reaction to the flight via cameras.

For those that do not want to just imagine it, but truly become pilots for a day (link to corresponding tab), there is always the possibility of hiring a half-hour or hour-long dissemination flight course. Find out more.