Tecnam P92 Echo Classic Deluxe.

Ultra-light third generation which offers great features and safety. Stable and with a cruising speed of over 200 km/hour, it gives its two occupants great stability.

Its high levels of comfort and excellent visibility also make it ideal for students in the learning phase. Download technical information (pdf)

Tecnam P2002.

The P2002 is a side-by-side two-seated aircraft, low-winged and with fixed landing gear. The P2002 JF is characterised by its excellent features and flight qualities, confirmed by hundreds of P2002 ULM, LSA and VLA flying all over the world, validated in 15 non-European countries. Not only do the ease of piloting and maintenance make this aircraft an excellent solution for flight school pilot training, but they also make it ideal as a vigilance and patrol platform, and of course for tourist flights.

Download technical information