Pedro Santurde

Director of the Pyrineum Pilot School

  • ULM pilot since 2nd May 1997, with over 1,000 hours of flight experience on this kind of aircraft.
  • PPL Private Pilot since 26th January 2005.
  • Licensed to pilot diverse aircraft such as Piper Arrow or Cirrus SR22.
  • Pedro Santurde, Spanish runner-up in 2018 in landing accuracy category

Paco Rodríguez

Operations and Navigation consultant at the Pyrineum Pilot School

  • ULM pilot, 1999
  • Private pilot, 2005
  • Licensed for nocturnal flights VFR, 2013
  • Part of the Spanish Rally champion crew in Advanced mode in 2014
  • Part of the World Rally Championship crew held in Poland, in the modality of accuracy testing.

Other instructors

  • Our fixed-wing instructor has accumulated 1,000 hours of experience since acquiring his licence for this in 2003.
  • The rotary-wing instructor (gyroplane pilot since 2010 and private pilot since 1978), has 4 years of experience as a teacher for new aviators.

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